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Ideas for Your 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

The 10 year wedding anniversary is one that is easy to overlook. Don't make that mistake, though! This is a huge milestone. Your marriage has been established for an entire decade. Even if the kids are growing up too fast, your jobs are a little crazy and you're still trying to settle into your home, take time to really celebrate this anniversary.

There are lots of gift ideas for your tenth anniversary available. Some of the best, though, are those that involve doing things together and making new memories.

The ideas here are based on the traditional and modern anniversary gift lists are activity based.

Traditionally, the 10th anniversary was the tin anniversary, but the modern list makes it the diamond anniversary. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate these traditions into activity based gifts for your spouse:

For products relating to tin and diamond, check out these 10th anniversary gift ideas.

Inspiration from the traditional gift of tin

Make a visit to Cornwall

Visit Cornwall for your 10th wedding anniversary
Cornwall is a beautiful area of England where much tin used to be mined. Besides this metal, though, this area has a lot going for it. It's the supposed site of the fabled city of Camelot, has beautiful black moors and stunning coves with azul coloured sea. It's the perfect romantic retreat for your 10th wedding anniversary.

Go out for a special tinnie

If you and your partner love beer, take a tour of one or more of the many microbreweries in the UK. You can learn how those tinnies are made, and you can learn the difference between a stout, a lager and a porter. After the tour, you can enjoy a pub style or farm fresh meal washed down with a pint or two.

Spend some time with the Tin Man

Andrew Lloyd Weber's version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is one of the most loved musicals of all time. Splurge on a trip to London, and then enjoy this classic musical with your spouse on your 10 year wedding anniversary.

A modern take on diamond ideas

Head to Birmingham

In Birmingham, you'll find the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. In this interesting museum, you can learn all about different jewellery making techniques and how they've evolved over the years. Then, you can head into the actual Jewellery Quarter to do some well-informed diamond shopping together.

Be royalty for a day

Let the dimaonds sparkle for your 10th anniversary
Treat yourselves to a weekend break worthy of royalty. Spend the night in one of London's top hotels, then head to the Tower of London to see the crown jewels, where you'll find the Kohinoor diamond, a 105 karat beauty. At Konditor & Cook, a nearby restaurant, you can enjoy a kingly dessert with a side of diamond for your queen.

Create a lasting memory

One reason diamonds are so valuable is that they last forever. So why not create your own memory to last forever. First, spend an afternoon making a list of lots of things you'd like to do or see – be creative! Pick a weekend to do one thing on your list, and pick up a tiny memento of your day together. Your memento could be something like a pretty flower from a picnic in the country or a few grains of sand from a weekend at the beach. Then, preserve your 10 year wedding anniversary memento in a diamond locket.

Your 10 year wedding anniversary is an important time and shouldn't get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These ideas can link your anniversary to traditional gifts but make it totally unique. If you put lots of time and thought into planning this anniversary, you'll create memories that you'll both remember for the decades to come.

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