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14 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

To find 14 year wedding anniversary gift inspiration, the traditional and modern symbols of 14 years of marriage together are a great place to start.

The traditional motif is clocks, and across in the US, the equivalent is ivory.

The modern theme for a 14 year anniversary gift is gold jewellery.

Using these symbols as a guide for your gift buying is not only a great way to come up with ideas if you're stuck, but it's also fun and romantic.

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Clock Ideas for a 14th anniversary gift

If you're looking for a traditional 14 year wedding anniversary gift, you might like to consider a carriage clock. If that's not your partner's style, you can of course select a more modern looking clock for your home. There are some great designer clocks available to choose from.

Alarm clock gift

Does your partner have the habit of sleeping in? You could surprise them with a new alarm clock. Of course, you can always stretch the clock theme to buy them a new watch. If they love vintage and antiques, you might like to buy them a pocket watch, or another collectable piece. For those that spend time in the garden, you could buy an outdoor clock to hang on a wall or fence.

If your partner is athletic, you might like to buy them a heart rate monitor. Some of the newer models are quite impressive, and even measure distance, calories burnt, and come complete with their own GPS system.

You can also use the theme of clocks to spend a romantic day together. Give your partner a card at breakfast, asking them to meet you out the front of your town hall clock. Plan out a lovely day together, doing something you both love. Another variant on the clock idea is just to pledge a little of your time to one another. It's easy to get caught up in life and not spend enough time with our partners. Perhaps you could agree to go on a date once a week for the next year.

Ivory ideas for a 14th anniversary gift

It goes without saying, that buying your partner an ivory gift would be pretty unethical. You can still use ivory as inspiration for your 14 year wedding anniversary gift. You could shop for an ivory coloured dress or scarf, or perhaps some new ivory linen for your home. Many other things come in ivory too, bags, lingerie, home decor, even photo albums. These days many of us no longer print our digital photos, so filling an ivory coloured album with some family shots is a great idea. If you want to buy your partner some jewellery for your 14th anniversary, then pearls are a great choice, as they are ivory in colour.

If your partner is a musician, then you might consider buying them a new keyboard or piano, complete with ivory coloured keys. If you both enjoy music, you could invest in a few new jazz albums, or even get some tickets to a concert. Maybe you might like to retire for a drink in a posh hotel, complete with piano bar.

A good idea for a day out is to visit your nearest Zoo, and visit the elephants. You might even like to book an African safari. A similar idea is to make a donation on behalf of your partner to a wildlife foundation that protects animals like elephants from hunters.

Gold jewellery ideas for a 14th anniversary gift

Gold jewellery is a great idea for a 14 year wedding anniversary gift. If you're shopping for your wife, there are plenty of options like necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Perhaps your partner has had their eye on a piece for some time, now is a great opportunity to buy it for them. For him, you might like to buy a new pair of cuff links, a watch, or a ring.

By using the themes of gold, ivory, and clocks as your inspiration, you'll be sure to find the perfect 14 year wedding anniversary gift for your partner.

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