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How to Celebrate Your 15th Wedding Anniversary

If you're looking for fun ways to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary, we've got ideas for you.

Instead of just giving a gift, you and your spouse can create some lifelong memories with these fantastic ideas.

The traditional gift for the 15th anniversary is crystal, and the modern gift is watches.

These ideas draw off of the traditional and modern gift lists, but give them a unique twist that your spouse will really appreciate.

Crystal Ideas

Crystal is the traditional gift for the fifteenth anniversary. You can buy some beautiful crystal gifts, but you can also spice up you 15th wedding anniversary with these crystal themed ideas.

Dance Under Crystal Chandeliers

15th anniversary gift: cruise
If you and your spouse like to dance and love romantic holidays, this is just the anniversary idea for you. Book a trip from Southampton to France on the Queen Mary II. It's a weekend long cruise, and you can make it memorable as you dance under the crystal chandeliers in the Queen's Room.

Make Your Own Crystal or Glass Gift

Head to Torrington to the Dartington Crystal Factory. There, you can take a tour of the factory and learn about the glass and crystal making process. When you get done with the tour, you can blow your own glass or have a glass impression of your hands made. After this fun experience, make a weekend of it by touring some of the museums in Torrington, attending 1646 reenactments, or strolling around the town's beautiful memorial gardens.

Make a message in a bottle

Find a unique crystal bottle, and write a message for your spouse inside of it. Let her know that you'd do the past fifteen years all over again. Then, head to coast to a beautiful sandy beach. When you get there, 'find' the bottle 'washed up' on the shore, and read the message to your spouse.

Watch ideas

The modern gift for the 15th wedding anniversary is a watch. Instead of just giving your spouse any old watch, though, use these ideas to create a beautiful watch-themed anniversary weekend. Here are a few fun ideas to try.

Time yourself on a racetrack

15th anniversary gift: racetrack
Instead of a regular watch, give your spouse a stopwatch. Then, head to Staffordshire. There, you can use the new watch to time yourselves as you race around the racetrack in a Lamborghini or a rally car. This is a fun day out, or you can make a weekend of it and explore the rest of the area.

Diving watches

Purchase a set of his and hers diving watches together. Then, spend your anniversary weekend taking diving lessons. This is really a gift that keeps on giving, since it means that you can always take more diving holidays on later anniversaries.

Get an early ride time

Purchase an Alton Towers resort package for a weekend for you and the kids. Spend the whole weekend checking out all the fast rides, great shows, themed restaurants and other attractions. This type of trip will make you feel young again, and it will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

These great ideas for your 15th wedding anniversary will help you keep the spark alive in your marriage. Whether you go with something fun and exciting or low-key and romantic, you'll create memories that you and your spouse can relive for the next fifteen years.

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