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Solutions For 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The symbols for 20th wedding anniversary gifts are china for those following the traditional list or platinum for the modernists. Whichever list you decide to follow you'll find a wealth of traditional and modern ideas here.

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China gifts with a twist
Platinum gifts with a twist

Traditional 20th wedding anniversary gifts

With china as this anniversary symbol, taking the traditional route provides some obvious ideas.

China sets, such as mugs, plates or an entire dinner service are all great ideas for a gift.

Mugs can be personalised with digital photos and messages, so your gift can be unique and personal.

A decorative plate can also be made to be tailored to the happy couple. You might want to think about incorporating an illustration, a personal message or details of their wedding and anniversary dates.

If your partner is into collectibles then a commemorative Wedgwood plate, figurine or china doll may just be up their street. You could also look back on times gone by with a cameo brooch – perfect for those who love vintage or classic jewellery.

What about the men?

The ideas so far have been heavily weighted to items women would prefer, so what could you get a man for this anniversary that's tied to the traditional meaning of china?

What about a shiny new china mug for the office or a set of espresso cups for his morning coffee hit? If he loves cooking, then you could consider a set of ceramic knives. These are beautifully crafted and exceptionally sharp. You can find boxed gift sets from or just start with one knife to build up his collection.

For something a little bit different, then why not treat him to a classic kung fu flick by Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee? He'll love you forever if he's into martial arts!

Turning it all on its head

When it comes to gift ideas, we like nothing better than to turn things upsidedown. By thinking laterally about gifts, it's possible to come up with all sorts of 20th wedding anniversary gifts.

What about a book with china in the title, on the subject of China, a travel guide or by the author China Mieville? Likewise with music. Remember 'China in Your Hand' by T'Pau or 'China Girl' by David Bowie? Films too. With titles such as 'Big Trouble in Little China' or 'Wild China', you could find the ideal gift for your partner. Find more china related titles at

Don't forget there are literally millions of products that are 'Made in China'. It wouldn't be hard to dream up the perfect present if you think that laterally. Just look underneath, round the back or on the label and any item can fit with this tradition.

Or you could take inspiration from China and head out for a slap up Chinese meal, or stay indoors and get a luscious take away.

Finally, if you're looking for something to do, rather than something to give, then check out these ideas for 20th anniversary activities instead.

Modern 20th wedding anniversary gifts

Platinum is the modern favourite for this wedding anniversary. Beautiful, rare and hard wearing, this metal conjures up many sentiments associated with 20 years of marriage.

The perfect fit for platinum has to be jewellery. You'll find a wealth of objects in any jewellers that are ideal platinum gifts. From eternity rings to simple platinum bands, there's a gift to suit any man or woman.

Jewellery isn't the only answer. You'll find plenty of accessories and gifts made from platinum including cigar cases, wine toppers, key rings, hip flasks and money clips.

Turning platinum on it's head

You don't have to go to the expense of buying this rare metal. There are plenty of gifts with 'platinum' in the name to define a distinctness, authenticity, achievement or quality. From platinum awarded beer brewing kits to platinum selling albums, when you start to think a bit more laterally you'll be able to come up with hundreds of 20th wedding anniversary gifts. Here's just a taster:

Some platinum selling albums include:

  • Abba – Name of the Game
  • Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller

You might also consider:

  • Surprise your partner with a weeklong trip to the Platinum Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas to play around in the casinos
  • Chelsea football fan? Indulge in the platinum hospitality package from £295 per person and see the great game in the height of luxury.
  • Enjoy an all inclusive trip to one of Thomson luxury holidays at 'platinum' destinations

Looking back

Sometimes, we're simply stumped by ideas of what to give. If you want to do something different, why not reminisce about your wedding day and life together?

A scrapbook of memories, a photo book of your favourite photos or simply going back to where you tied the knot or got engaged can be a wonderful wedding anniversary gift, no matter what year of marriage you're celebrating.

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