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Ideas For A Great 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech

Giving a 25th wedding anniversary speech may seem like a daunting task, however with the right preparation and practice, anyone can give a speech to remember.

Many people hate the thought of public speaking, especially when the subject matter is something close to their heart, and they're speaking to a bunch of people they know.

Of course you want to get it right! Sometimes this can cause you to put a lot of undue pressure on yourself, but it doesn't have to be this way. The secret to a great speech is planning, by spending some time working out just what it is you want to say, as well as spending some time rehearsing.

There is plenty advice here on how to write the perfect speech for a 25th anniversary, as well as how to put it all together.

Opening lines

Anniversary speech

The first part of your 25th wedding anniversary speech that you may like to work on is the opening. This is usually the easiest part to write. A good idea is to start with something to break the ice. It could be a joke, or a funny line if you are comfortable with humour. A quote, or a line from a poem is a more meaningful way to start your speech. This is a good way to get everyone's attention and set the tone for the rest of your speech.

It's common practice to thank everyone for coming along at the beginning of your speech. You might also like to mention by name anyone who has made a special effort to attend. They may have travelled a fair way, or missed out on another engagement to be there.

You should also say a thank you to the couple if it's not your anniversary, or say something to your partner if it is. You might thank a couple for being a role model for you, for inviting you along on the night, or just for being a part of your life. This will depend on your relationship to them.

The main body of your speech

After a brief beginning, you can move on to the body of your 25th wedding anniversary speech. This is the most important part of your speech, where you will get to express your sentiments and feelings about your partner, or the couple celebrating their anniversary.

There are many ways that you might like to convey your feelings in a 25th wedding anniversary speech. You could tell some funny or sentimental stories about your marriage, or the couple. These stories may be about important events, like your wedding day, or the birth of your children. They might simply be funny family stories.

Another way to form the body of your speech is to use some quotes about marriage. You could read a few quotes, and then tell a related story about your marriage.

Of course, a marriage is made strong from surviving the hard times, not just the happy ones. You could talk about some of the challenges you faced as a couple, and how you overcame them. Sharing what you learned along the way is a good way of celebrating what has passed, as well as sharing wisdom with those in the audience. Perhaps you have developed some family philosophies or sayings along the way you could talk about. Remember that it's a party, and try to keep things upbeat.

While there are two people in a marriage, we all need help and support from family and friends to help us out. You might like to mention some of the people who have been important in your life along the way, and say thank you.

If you are creative, you might like to read a poem to your partner or the couple celebrating. You could write this yourself, or just find something that conveys what you are feeling. You could even write the poem out and give it to your partner or the couple in a card later in the evening.

Closing your 25th wedding anniversary speech

At the end of your speech, you should say some kind words about the couple, or your partner. You might like to invite everyone to join you for a party in another 25 years time. Closing with a quote or a joke is a nice way to end your speech. You could also end it with a toast to the couple or your partner.

Some extra tips

It's really important to rehearse your speech, not just in your head but out aloud. This will help you to make less errors on the day and also help with diction. Invite a couple of close friends to hear the speech before the big night and ask for feedback.

A good length for a 25th wedding anniversary speech is between 5 and 10 minutes. Remember that there will probably be a few people talking on the night, and you want to keep the audience's attention.

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