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Inspiration For 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The modern and traditional symbols for 35th wedding anniversary gifts are a little bit different from the symbols for other years. The traditional symbol is coral, one of the very few organic materials found amongst the traditional symbols. The modern equivalent is jade.

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Coral grows over many years. Coral organisms always grow close together in a colony, and rely on the coral around them to survive and prosper. It's also very strong and over time grows a thick protective skeleton.

A good marriage builds and develops over many years, you need your family close to you to grow and prosper and like coral, you become strong together.

Jade with its beautiful green hues is often mistaken for a precious gem, it is however an ornamental stone. Jade has always been a material of value. In prehistoric times it was used to make tools because of its hardness.

In recent times it is valued for its beauty and distinct colour. In Chinese culture Jade was once valued more highly than gold and silver, and is still a precious material today. It is used in jewellery, ornaments and carvings. Jade shares many qualities with a marriage that has stood the test of time; it is strong, durable, beautiful and adapts well to many purposes.

Traditional 35th wedding anniversary gifts

A perfect coral gift for a woman is jewellery. Necklaces and bracelets made of coral stones are very eye-catching when worn and make a great keepsake for a 35th anniversary. Coral jewellery comes in a large variety of shades from light pink to dark red. It is not cheap and there are many fakes out there, so only buy from a trusted retailer.

So what about coral gifts for the men? Well your 35th wedding anniversary gifts don't need to literally be made out of coral. You can use the colour coral as a guide in choosing gifts. It could be a tie or shirt in the colour coral for instance.

An aquarium complete with its own coral plants inside is a cute and clever gift. Don't forget the fish as well. Not only does this make for a low maintenance pet, but it also adds an attractive and relaxing feature to your home.

If you are looking for a smaller gift, why not find a CD by the old band, 'The Coral'?

Modern jade ideas for 35th wedding anniversary gifts

As with coral, the most obvious gifts when considering jade as your 35th wedding anniversary symbol is jewellery. A jade ring or pendant is lovely for a woman. For men you might like to find a pair of cufflinks with a jade stone inlay. There are many small ornaments and collectibles that are made of jade, many have an oriental influence.

Your 35th wedding anniversary could be the perfect opportunity to take a second honeymoon. Keeping in theme you could visit China, where jade is a popular and valuable gift. In St Lucia you will find the Jade Mountain Resort, a luxurious and relaxing place to spend your anniversary together. Using the traditional symbol of coral you could visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and see the world's largest coral population.

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