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What's The Right Style For Your 40th Wedding Anniversary Speech

Giving a 40th wedding anniversary speech that is memorable and insightful can be made a lot easier with the right preparation.

Many people who give speeches at anniversary parties don't put any planning into what they are going to say.

By preparing your speech in advance, and putting some thought into the type of speech you want to give, it's likely that your speech will sound better and run a lot smoother.

Making a 40th wedding anniversary speech doesn't have to be a daunting task. Read on to find out some different ideas for your speech style and also some inspiration on what you can include.

Insightful speeches

After four decades of marriage together, you have probably learned a few lessons about love and life. Your 40th wedding anniversary speech is a good opportunity to share these lessons with your family and friends. You could talk about your philosophies on love and marriage, and what you think it takes to make a good marriage. You might also like to talk about some of the challenges you have faced together, as well as some of your successes.

A loving and memorable speech

40th anniversary couple

Your 40th wedding anniversary is a great time to let your romantic side show. You could do this by sharing some of the most loving and memorable events of your marriage.

It could be the day you met, the proposal, or your wedding day. Talking about important family events is also a good idea, such as memorable holidays, or the birth of children.

Another great way to bring a little romance to your 40th wedding anniversary speech is to read a poem. This might be something you have found for the occasion, something you shared together years ago, or perhaps even a poem you have written yourself. You can also use an anniversary poem as a toast at the end of your speech.

A funny speech

Using humour is a great way to make your speech interesting and keep the attention of your audience. It is also one of the more difficult styles to write and deliver. A good approach to a funny speech is to start by making a list of funny or silly things that have happened in your marriage, or areas of your marriage where there is some playful disagreements, perhaps you hate housework or your partner burns everything in the kitchen. You could also find a few funny quotes about marriage and use these in your speech. When using humour, it's important to keep your jokes non-offensive, and not at the expense of other people, particularly your partner or the couple in question.

A visual speech

An effective way of putting your 40th wedding anniversary speech together is with visual aids. A projector screen which shows some photos or movies from your marriage is a lovely addition to your speech.

Some Extra Tips

You don't have to just choose one of these ideas for your 40th wedding anniversary speech. You could use two or more of these styles to complement each other. For instance, you might give an insightful speech, and have a slideshow of some important events in the background. It's a good idea to keep your speech between 5 and 10 minutes. Before the big event, make sure you have practiced out loud several times from your notes.

With a bit of planning and some practice, you can give a memorable wedding anniversary speech.

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