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What To Do On Your 5 Year Wedding Anniversary

Your 5 year wedding anniversary is a huge milestone. It may not seem as big as 10, 25 or 50 years, but it's still a big deal. In fact, many married couples and marriage counsellors say that the first 5 years of marriage are the most difficult for a couple. If you're about to step out of that stage into a new phase of marriage, it's time to really celebrate.

Of course, gift giving for your anniversary is important. You can get some great gift ideas here.

If you want to make memories along with giving gifts, though, these ideas are for you. They're based on the traditional and modern anniversary gifts for the fifth anniversary.

Traditionally, year five gifts are made from wood, and on the modern list, the gift of the year is silverware. Here are some fun ideas for your fifth anniversary:

Traditional ideas around wood

Romance by the fire

Romantic 5th anniversary gift
What better way to represent wood than with a crackling open fire in the middle of a forest? If you and your spouse love to connect with nature, why not try a luxury break in a yurt? There are several luxury yurts in the UK where you can get away from it all and snuggle up in front of a fire in the midst of the beauties of nature. It's simpler than tent camping because everything is provided for you, and it might just be the most romantic break you ever take.

Plant a tree

Like a marriage, a living tree is a gift that keeps growing and giving. If you have your own home with a yard, plant a tree together that will represent your marriage's growth throughout the years. You could even plant an apple tree or another fruit tree that will let you enjoy the fruits of your labour year after year. When you need a smaller, more portable option, a bonsai tree with a long life span can be a great idea. You can start a tree on your 5 year wedding anniversary, and it will still be growing when you're celebrating your 25th or even 50th.

Preserve your memories

Pick out and purchase a cedar chest that will store all your special memories and family heirlooms. Start filling it this year with wedding mementos, scrapbooks, photos, and some of your children's "firsts".

Modern ideas incorporating silver

Skip washing the silverware

5 year anniversary gift ideas
Give the gift of clean silverware with a catered – and cleaned up – dinner for two at home. Send the kids to the grandparents' or babysitter's house, and have a dinner brought to your very own home. There are some great companies that will do all the work for you, leaving you with satisfied stomachs and a drawer full of clean silverware.

Go out for Chinese

If you both love Chinese food, find some pretty silver chopsticks as an anniversary gift. Then, make reservations at one of the best local Chinese restaurants for your anniversary dinner. You could even get the chopsticks engraved with a special saying or monogram for your 5 year wedding anniversary.

A silver corkscrew

A wine corkscrew isn't really silverware, but it still works for this anniversary. Buy a beautiful corkscrew for your wine loving spouse. With it, you could give a great bottle of wine to enjoy at the moment or one that will age well that you can enjoy on your 10th or 25th anniversary.

Your 5 year wedding anniversary is a great time to get creative with your gifts and things to do. It's a good time to look back on memories of the previous years even as you make more memories together. These ideas draw from traditions but are just a bit different and unique. They're a great place to begin making plans for your upcoming anniversary.

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