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Ideas for 50th Anniversary Cakes

Good 50th anniversary cakes can make the perfect centrepiece for a party. The great thing about an anniversary cake is that it can be anything you want it to, you don't need to follow any rules or customs like with your wedding cake. You can just choose the perfect cake for you and your guests. All you need do is find the right inspiration for your anniversary cake.

Your anniversary cake can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

For instance, you may like to make a cake yourself or buy a cake form a baker.

Perhaps if you have young children or grandchildren who enjoy baking you could make the cake together. At the other end of the scale, you could opt for a 4 or 5 tier beauty put together by a professional to commemorate your anniversary.

Inspiration for a 50th anniversary cake

One of the current trends for anniversary cakes is to have a replica of your original wedding cake made. If you can find a picture of your wedding cake, most cake decorators will be able to make a perfect copy.

Going back fifty years it's quite likely that fruit cake was the only option for your wedding cake. These days you can have a cake with any filling you like. Many couples opt for chocolate mud cake, passion fruit sponge or something more simple like lemon sponge. You are only limited by your imagination. If you and your partner have a favourite kind of cake then by all means use that as your anniversary cake.

Make sure that you will have more than enough to serve your guests if your cake is to be dished up at your anniversary party. Confirm your guest numbers before you order the cake, and discuss numbers with the baker or cake decorator before hand. You may also like to have small paper bags or cake boxes so guests can take a piece home if they choose.

Three tier anniversary cake
Anniversary cupcakes

Of course, 50th anniversary cakes don't have to resemble a traditional wedding cake at all. You can have any kind of cake you like. An ice cream cake, crochembouche or even cupcakes have become popular at anniversary parties. Cakes can be shaped like castles, flowers or even a landmark from your last holiday destination.

Themed 50th anniversary cakes

Golden anniversary cake

A great way to find inspiration for your 50th wedding anniversary cake is to use your golden anniversary as your theme. Your cake could be the shape of the number 50, decorated in beautiful golden hues, or even feature a picture of the two of you on the top.

You can also use the 50th wedding anniversary theme to inspire other aspects of the cake. If you are having a plain sponge cake you could have the sponge dyed a golden colour. You may also like to choose a cake that is naturally golden in colour, such as carrot cake, hummingbird cake or upside down pineapple cake. If none of these take our fancy you can still rely on your cake decorator to use icing, ribbons and decorations to make sure your cake fits into the golden anniversary theme.

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