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Discover The Meaning Behind Anniversary Symbols

Anniversary symbols and their meaning have been a source of inspiration for celebrating anniversaries for hundreds of years. The depth of emotion, strength and durability of a relationship is shown through these symbols, making the sentiment clear to your loved one. With each year that passes the material gets stronger and more valuable, echoing the development of your relationship.

Over the last century, these symbols have been commercialised and now you can find products, gemstones and colours that all reflect the year of your anniversary. Some would say it's been over-commercialised; others just love the additional inspiration that this offers.

Where once 25 and 40 year anniversaries were signs of a long and strong relationship, these days, 50 and even 60 year anniversaries are regularly celebrated. Here you'll find a table showing anniversary symbols right up to 75 years of marriage. These are the traditional English anniversaries, but we've mentioned the US versions as well. It seems these days, we tend to favour the US version as it's a little more up to date. Just click on the links for inspiration.

Traditional and modern anniversary symbols

Year Traditional Modern
1st Wedding Anniversary Cotton (US Paper) Clock
2nd Wedding Anniversary Paper (US Cotton) China
3rd Wedding Anniversary Leather Crystal/Glass
4th Wedding Anniversary Fruit/Flowers Appliances
5th Wedding Anniversary Wood Silverware
6th Wedding Anniversary Sugar (US Iron) Wood
7th Wedding Anniversary Wool (US Copper) Desk Set
8th Wedding Anniversary Pottery (US Bronze) Lace/linen
9th Wedding Anniversary Copper (US Pottery) Leather
10th Wedding Anniversary Tin (US Aluminium) Diamond Jewellery
11th Wedding Anniversary Scent (US Steel) Fashion Jewellery
12th Wedding Anniversary Linen/Silk Pearls
13th Wedding Anniversary Barometer (US Lace) Textiles
14th Wedding Anniversary Clock (US Ivory) Gold jewellery
15th Wedding Anniversary Crystal Watches
16th Wedding Anniversary Holloware (US Tourmaline) Silverware
17th Wedding Anniversary Furniture Furniture
18th Wedding Anniversary Coloured Gems(US Turquoise) Porcelain
19th Wedding Anniversary Furniture (US Aquamarine) Bronze
20th Wedding Anniversary China Platinum
21st Wedding Anniversary - Brass
22nd Wedding Anniversary - Copper
23rd Wedding Anniversary - Silverplate
24th Wedding Anniversary - Musical Instruments
25th Wedding Anniversary Silver Silver
26th Wedding Anniversary - Original Art
27th Wedding Anniversary - Sculpture
28th Wedding Anniversary - Orchids
29th Wedding Anniversary - Furniture
30th Wedding Anniversary Pearls Diamond jewellery
31st Wedding Anniversary - Timepieces
32nd Wedding Anniversary - Conveyances
33rd Wedding Anniversary - Amethyst
34th Wedding Anniversary - Opal
35th Wedding Anniversary Coral Jade
40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Ruby
45th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire Sapphire
50th Wedding Anniversary Gold Gold
55th Wedding Anniversary Emerald Emerald
60th Wedding Anniversary Diamond Diamond
70th Wedding Anniversary Diamond/Platinum Platinum
75th Wedding Anniversary Diamond Diamond

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