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Funny Anniversary Poems

Finding funny anniversary poems to give to your partner will not just give them a giggle but also let them know you are thinking about them on your special day.

For many couples humour is a big part of their relationship. Being able to laugh together can relieve stress and bring you closer together.

You can use funny anniversary poems as gifts of their own accord.

Another good idea is to include them inside a card or if you are having an anniversary party read it out to guests.

Funny wedding anniversary joke

So, what makes a poem funny? We laugh at things that are unexpected. Funny anniversary poems might be overly honest, talking about your husband’s reluctance to do the dishes may get a giggle or two. Another way to make a poem funny is to set up a pattern and then break it.

You may start with a few serious lines and then come up with something out of the blue. Some people say there is a little truth in every joke. So you may like to poke fun at yourself and your spouse, but at the same time let them know you love them just the same.

Funny anniversary poems may simply be about things that have happened to you both as a couple. Perhaps something happened on your wedding day that you now laugh about.

For my husband

Do you remember our first date
When we danced together all night
When I got home it was so late
You got me into so much strife

The happiest day of my life
Was the day we made our vows
You did forget to mention
You had already married your car

Still, our married life was blissful
We came to know each other well
You found out when I said I'd do the dishes
There was not much chance in hell

Our children are growing up lovely
Our boy and girl a wonderful set
Now if only you'd sell that hotrod
My goal would be met!

Today I'm here to thank you
For sharing this wonderful life
I'm so happy you are my husband
And that I am your wife

For my wife

The first time that I saw her
I knew she was the one
Although I also must say I noticed
Her really great bum

But really, she's quite special
I hate when we are apart
She's kind and brave and full of love
And will always have my heart

It was hard for us to make it
Some said we wouldn't last
I'm so glad we did it
Those troubles are in the past

My wife, she is so lovely
She is the fairest of the fair
When I sneak out with my golf clubs
She pretends she doesn't care

She makes me breakfast on cold mornings
And a lovely meal each night
And when I get home from work so late
I'm so glad that she's my wife

So now I'd like to thank you
My kind and generous wife
I hope you know that you are valued
You really are my life

A poem for my parents

From my mum and dad
I've learned so much
All about life and how to love

Their advice on life
Is invaluable
Now I am married as well

On the day of my wedding
They gave me advice
Of what I should do to have a good life

My dad simply told me
To get the dishes done
So at night your wife will relax and have fun

He said to be kind
And to never cause strife
Far worse trouble you'll learn, will come from your wife

My mother told me
That we should never brag
About how much money we spent on a bag

She told me to listen
And always be there
And if it got boring to pretend that I care

So for you Mum and Dad
I now raise a toast
To a happy marriage which you both can boast

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